Texas Chemicals

What We Do

We are a leading manufacturer of hydrated lime, quick lime, kaoline, talcum powder, marble dust, activated carbon, and other industrial chemicals. we are well known for our high quality and standards.

Hydrated Lime

We Produce high-quality powdered hydrated lime (Calcium hydroxide) that beats industrial standards with calcium oxide content up to 80%

Quick Lime

Quicklime is renowned throughout the construction industry for consistent quality and performance.

Our Philosophy

We have a clear objective that is dedicated to creating industrial excellence and providing the very best customer satisfaction.

we continually strive to follow this three guiding priciples;

  • Be one of the advanced providers of industrial chemicals
  • Set high standards in human resource development
  • contribute to making the economy self-reliant


About Us

Texas chemical manufacturing company LTD is an indigenous manufacturer of Hydrated lime and other related industrial chemicals in Nigeria with over 20 years of experience. we combine industrial chemistry, engineering, and technology in creating sustainable products. Our quality is said to be one of the finest and we have set a benchmark for standard indigenous products.

That’s why we hold the highest accreditation for quality

Texas Lime

We produce high-grade hydrated lime with a calcium oxide content of over 80% and calcium hydro oxide content of over 90% (one of the best standard in the industry) which is one of the most reactive agents in reducing the PH of drinking water. Our hydrated lime is used mostly by government operated water treatment plant across the country.

Heres a summary of our Lime Analysis

  • Colour- off white
  • Texture- fine
  • % Available CaO- 80%
  • % Available Ca(OH)2- 90%



Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide also is known as quick lime and it is extensively used for medicinal purpose and insecticides. It finds its application in the manufacturing of cement, paper, and high-grade steel

Our quick lime is produced at the commercial grade of 95%, 85%CaO which is a result of the countless number of manufacturing and product refinement process. The diverse application of quick lime is due to its unique chemical properties and capabilities. With our production capacity, we are able to serve the needs of several businesses and facilities across the country

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