Our high-quality hydrated lime is made from a series of the production process. This enables us to offer a variety of high purity, quality and efficient hydrated lime with differing chemical and physical characteristics suitable for many applications. Hydrated lime, also referred to as calcium hydroxide {Ca(OH)2} or slaked lime, are typically used in drinking water and waste water treatment, acid neutralization, chemical manufacturing and other environmental applications.


– Quality assured
– High purity
– Consistent chemistry
– Safe handling and storage
– Range of grades to suit different applications

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated lime is an organic product that has many beneficial uses. It is a caustic solid substance, white when pure, is obtained by calcining limestone and other forms of calcium carbonates. Pure lime, also called quicklime, is composed basically of Calcium Oxide (CaO). Upon hydration, quicklime liberates large amounts of heat and forms calcium hydroxide, sold commercially as a white powder called slaked lime or hydrated lime. Hydrated lime has become one of the most important industrial minerals because of its chemical and physical properties, as well as its commercial importance and the simplicity in its production. The lime industry produces both quicklime and hydrated lime. There are two types of hydrated lime. High calcium hydrated lime contains approximately 75 percent calcium oxide. Dolomitic hydrated lime contains approximately 45 percent calcium oxide and 30 percent magnesium oxide. Hydrated lime is very alkaline with a pH of 12.


 – Energy From Waste
– Drinking Water Treatment
– Effluent and Wastewater
– Sewage and Sludge Treatment
– Construction
– Industrial